Upcoming Startups That Will Soon Be Booming

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Startups are fascinating and there is no shortage of ideas to come into the market. It is interesting to note that tech startups are at the forefront when it comes to creating a business that solves many of the daily challenges. What is intriguing is that platforms are being created by computer savvy entrepreneurs around Australian and the world, these platforms are built to fill a void or help resolve problems for ordinary consumers. It is evident that the ones that truly exceed and achieve success are the ones that benefit everyday people and add value to society. Let’s look at some of the upcoming startups predicted to boom in coming years.

Vehicle Move is an Australian online startup that focuses on the Automotive Vehicle Transport Industry. The business model focuses on streamlining the process for consumers and vehicle transport providers in Australia, connecting customers who need to move car, boat, motorcycle, caravan, trailer, jet skis are any other vehicle. Whether towing by truck within a state or moved interstate with a network of car carriers, Vehicle Move has created an online platform to efficiently connect customers with car transport quote from car carrier companies who are able to complete the work. In addition, by having hundreds of car carrying companies utilizing the platform all over Australia, customers are able to compare vehicle transport quotes from Melbourne transporters, Perth transporters, Sydney transporters, Brisbane transporters, Adelaide transporters, Darwin transporters and even Hobart transporters on the single platform.

Splend is a startup that supplies vehicles for transport in the on-demand rideshare and delivery marketplace. The platform is focused on helping people who want to enter the Uber, DiDi, Shofer, Taxify, GoCatch, Shebah ridesharing market and become their own boss by using its comprehensive vehicle platform, training and mentoring tools. Becoming a member, Splend aims to provide access to car and unique training to help facilitate anyone who wants to earn an income not only for rideshare services but also other platforms such as Airtasker and Crowd Delivery.

Go People Sydney base startup filled the void in the parcel sending market by focusing on the importance of speedy parcel delivery. With the convenience of online shopping, Australian shoppers now place delivery speed at a higher priority that the requirement to physically touch a product. The company was inspired by the sharing economy began by Uber and attracts everyday people wanting to earn extra income whilst providing delivery and courier solutions with real-time tracking and instant proof of delivery. Fast parcel delivery anywhere in Australia at anytime whilst saving with competitive same day solutions that is easily accessed via modern smartphone, tablet or desktop; The company is helping businesses maintain happy customers by significantly improving delivery speeds with on demand drivers.

The Era of Startups and Continued Domination

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The trend in Australian digital businesses has been remarkable in the last 10 years and even more so in recent years. Everything from home-based startups, garage workshops to pop-up stores and tech hubs is growing the sector with a workforce exceeding 1 million, the number of startups is experiencing a boom.  

Young talents and self-made entrepreneurs are take big risks for big rewards, the 9 to 5 career job is no longer enticing enough for a generation that is constantly challenged by rising costs of living and stagnant wage growth. An environment where flexibility and reward are crucial and young talents are recognizing that startups are offering what they are searching for.

It wasn’t long ago when traditional businesses dominated the market place, global multi-national corporations had the market share but that is all rapidly changing since the social media and smart phones became available. Through the use of apps, it has become easier to get from one location to another through ride sharing, order meals to be delivered straight to you with a few clicks and engage your target audience via social media.

Their continued domination is evident with more startups being created now than ever before. The rapid advancements in technology will not only aid the growth of existing startups but also propel up and coming startups well into the future.